Aachen, DE


Multidisciplinary Planning, Project Management, Architecture, Building Services, Energy Concept, Change Management


Carpus+Partner AG


3.365 m² GFA | 18.413 m³ GV

Construction costs

EURO 6.9 million

Project term

September 2009 – June 2011

Our „C+P Werkstatt“ office building conveys the principles of our conception for working and architecture. It is compact, open and flexibly connected. L-shaped working levels, arranged around a large central atrium and are offset against each other on the mezzanine floor, enable a variety of visual contact opportunities between the colleagues.

The individual levels can be reached from the ground floor by two diagonally arranged staircases and via the wide, flat step facilities on the respective half-floors. 150 workstations have been set up on three split levels, which are arranged in groups of four and six. The standardized design and furnishings of the workstations mean that employees are not tied to a specific location. This therefore enables project teams to be formed variably at any particular time, which then creates the possibility for working in flexible group sizes.

We have paid particular attention to how the workstations are designed. Equally important, however, are the areas where the project teams can come together. We therefore view our new office building as an experimental field for future-oriented working environments.

C+P Werkstatt Aachen

Heating and cooling is achieved by utilizing geothermal energy: The energy gained in this way is then distributed in the building via heating and/or cooling sails. The state of the art heat recovery systems in the ventilation system and the use of waste heat from the server areas can significantly reduce energy requirements and therefore also the utilization costs when compared to the previous office building.

C+P Werkstatt Aachen

The sustainable building design and efficient use of energy is verified by the gold certification of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The positive effects of building automation and control and regulating systems for energy efficiency enabled our office to be also one of the first buildings in Germany to be awarded eu.bac certification.

C+P Werkstatt Aachen

A bistro was designed adjacent to the central atrium, which was deliberately created to be accessible for other companies and institutes on the campus of the RWTH University in Aachen. With the completion of our new building as one of the first private new buildings, Carpus+Partner is contributing to the development of the Campus Melaten as a knowledge and research center and, due to its innovative open-space office concept, has created an extremely modern workplace in an inner-city area which is planned to be developed in terms of urban development.