Whether during construction, remodeling or in current production: Buildings and their systems have a variety of requirements – especially due to the desire for and regulations on energy efficiency. Highly diverse processes and users require electricity, heat, cold, air, light and a variety of technical media at different times.

With our consulting services in new and existing buildings, we make complex energy flows transparent. This is how we create the basis for an optimal energy concept. Our building physics services include thermal insulation, sound insulation and room acoustics. With the aid of building and system simulations, we optimise thermal comfort and daylight conditions in the building – even in complex room situations.

We investigate the use of waste heat and renewable energies with regard to availability, ecological benefit and economic efficiency. With the consideration of energy costs, taking into account maintenance and repair costs, we make a significant contribution to minimizing life cycle costs. For optimisation during operation, we offer energy monitoring and energy audits. We know the current funding programmes and examine which energy efficiency measures are eligible for funding the respective construction project.