Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH)
Maike Kranz
Head of Lab Planning
Tel +49 (241) 88 75-315
Sven Brucker
Dr. rer. nat.
Sven Brucker
Contact Laboratory Equipment
Tel +49 (241) 88 75-341
Biologisch-technische Assistentin
Annika Schmitz
Ansprechpartnerin Laborplanung
Tel +49 (241) 88 75 387

Those using laboratory buildings for industry, research or science are increasingly facing global competition. At the same time, technological advances pose higher requirements of laboratory equipment at increasing rates. Implementing optimal laboratory processes therefore requires far-sighted planning which incorporates the applicable directives and laws.

Our interdisciplinary team of laboratory experts masters the optimal implementation of requirements typical for the field and creates work conditions which ensure effective communication and facilitate cost effectiveness, flexibility and occupational safety. This expertise ranges from feasibility studies and concept development to BIM-supported planning up to implementation.

We emphasize pragmatic approaches which ensure transparency, calculability and economic execution. When successfully implemented, these laboratory buildings promote the scientific innovative power of their operators, both in practice and on into the future.

Excerpt of our topics:

Chemical laboratories
Ordinance on hazardous substances
Hazardous material handling (supply and disposal)
Explosion protection

Biology laboratories
Genetic Engineering Safety Ordinance (GenTSV)
Ordinance on Biological Substances (BioStoffV)
InVivo and InVitro

Physics laboratories (radiation protection)
Optical radiation (TROS)
Radionuclides / Isotopes
Vibration protection

Laboratory equipment

Analytical laboratories
Next Analytics
Automation [more about Automation]
Digitisation [more about Automation]