Aachen, DE


Multidisciplinary Planning, Project Management, Architecture, Building Services, Laboratory Planning


BLB NRW Aachen


10.900 m² GFA | 43.800 m³ GV

Construction costs

EURO 28.5 million

Project term

February 2009 – September 2013

With the second construction phase of the new office building (Allgemeine Verfügungszentrum), new research spaces will be created on the Campus Melaten for three institutions at RWTH Aachen with a total of seven professorships, including the professorships Biology II and Zoology. The new building constitutes the cornerstone of the existing building structure to the north and forms the boundary towards the cafeteria of the surrounding faculties. The newly designed forecourt connects the existing buildings of the institute with the new building structure, and invites you in to spend some time chatting with colleagues. All communal areas and seminar areas are deliberately built facing the forecourt.

Our building concept is structured to make it as flexible as possible. This ensures that it can react to any new challenges that may arise during the research process and enable development. The clear structure and modularity of the floor space creates a productive and creative working environment for the users.

RWTH Aachen AVZ II Aachen

The building is divided into a relatively sober area where the institutes are housed and a conference area with a more extroverted design. The lobby and main entrance area form the interfaces and filters between the different areas. The individual institutes and specialist departments are interconnected via the open entrance area. Interaction is encouraged between researchers and students of individual subjects.

RWTH Aachen AVZ II Aachen

Research into innovative projects is carried out in the laboratory areas (S1/S2). The institute also requires space for supplementary areas such as administration and library areas in addition to conference and meeting areas.