Oberkochen, DE


Multidisciplinary Planning, Project Management, Architecture, Building Services, Energy Concept


Carl Zeiss AG


5.300 m² GFA | 33.500 m³ GV

Construction costs

EURO 13.9 million

Project term

July 2010 – July 2012


1st prize (2010)

With the construction of the “culture canteen”, the main Carl Zeiss SMT AG plant in Oberkochen now has a new centerpiece. The building offers various communication rooms for staff and guests. Exhibition spaces, presentation options and places to spend your break add to the building’s appeal.

The new building is a sustainable cafeteria with attention given to ecological, economical and social aspects of building, and meets the qualities which for example are described by DGNB or LEED. The roof of the building is designed as a green space. It works like a park in a busy city, an oasis of green in the heart of the factory site.

A cafe with a scientist lounge and a business lounge is on the ground floor. At the eastern side of the main entrance there is a piazza with a large terrace. The façade can be protracted in parts, meaning that the outdoors and indoors merge into each other. The piazza opens up onto the existing Zeiss-Allee, known as “Science Street”, which gives the new central axis of the factory site the feeling of a high-quality outdoor space.

Zeiss Rom Oberkochen

On the top floor is the new culture canteen, a self-service restaurant for employees, guests and visitors. This has realized the aim of moving away from ideas of the traditional canteen towards offering more fresh produce in an attractive restaurant ambience.

Zeiss Rom Oberkochen

The dining room, which seats 700, is conceived as a large, well-lit room which can also be used for cultural events. The guest area also includes a spacious roof terrace.