Heidelberg | Leipzig | Mönchengladbach, DE


Multidisciplinary Planning, Project Management, Architecture, Building Services, Laboratory Planning, Process Planning, Energy Concept


31.204 m² GFA | 163.176 m³ GV

Construction costs

EURO 67.2 million

Project term

February 2013 – November 2015

With the new development and building, a prototype of the optimum analytics laboratory was developed together with the users which should serve as a basis for all further projects. The previous layout and processes in the existing three laboratories were adjusted and optimized by our experts where appropriate. The standard building type which has been developed is flexible and modular, and among other things defines the specifications regarding processes, batches of samples and sample throughputs, surfaces, scale, pattern, functional relationships and the architecture of the building.

The structure of the laboratory should enable medical samples to be analysed under industrial conditions. The fields of analysis were combined in flexible, large-sized rooms and structures, and were optimally linked together in accordance with the requirements of the production process.

Next Analytics Heidelberg | Leipzig | Mönchengladbach

The clinical chemistry area uses automated methods of analysis, which operate automatically on a large scale with a minimum need for staffing (high-throughput laboratory), as well as analytics running individually and as a series in open and closed parts of the laboratory areas.

Next Analytics Heidelberg | Leipzig | Mönchengladbach

The larger laboratory areas are designed as S2 areas, likewise the S3 areas are available for microbiology. Additionally, at one site an area was originally planned for a high-throughput microbiology laboratory, meaning that when the technology was ready it could quickly be integrated into the inventory.