Garching, DE


Architecture, Laboratory Planning


Staatliches Bauamt München 2


8.276 m² GFA | 47.897 m³ GV

Construction costs

EURO 30.0 million

Project term

October 2015 – October 2020

The building design for the Center for Functional Assemblies (CPA) in the Garching research center is the embodiment of a modern, open and high-quality research building. The floors are split into clusters for office and laboratory use. This makes it possible to ensure access to the laboratory areas and to design the rooms depending on the technical requirements of the respective groups. The relatively open-plan office spaces as well as the meeting rooms and break rooms are laid out around the communication room which is connected to the foyer on each individual floor. This way, they form the link between laboratory areas and office areas.

The foyer on the ground floor serves as a meeting point, and as a foreground for the large conference room and the communications room. The space as a whole is designed to encourage interaction between the individual areas. The centerpiece of it all is the staircase connecting all the different floors, which is broader on the ground floor and so can be used to sit on.