Just having a good product is no longer sufficient in the market place when one wants to remain competitive in the long term. Companies must fulfill the constantly increasing demands of the market and be able to react quickly and efficiently to changing client requirements. To achieve this, the quality and efficiency of the company’s own processes must be continuously improved. Operational Excellence is a concept which provides the basis for consistent alignment of the company’s own value chains to client requirements.

At Carpus+Partner, we support our clients during planning, implementing and improving of existing processes by utilizing our many years of experience for the holistic orientation of the company towards operational excellence, especially in the GMP environment of the life sciences industry.

Combining our interdisciplinary teams and the appropriate methods from Six Sigma, Lean Management and comprehensive Industry 4.0 consulting, we can assist in adapting the production system holistically to the requirements of the market place, in order to implement a continuous improvement process in the company together with our clients. In addition to consulting regarding existing production processes, we can support with planning logistics, infrastructure or the initial introduction of an operational excellence initiative.

Our focal points include:

Optimization projects by utilizing Lean6Sigma methodologies – DMAIC
Optimization of value-added processes on the basis of value flow analyses
Kaizen workshops
Process roadmap and simulation
Industry 4.0 consulting
BIM [more about BIM]